The American political machine is a complex beast, but one of the fascinating pieces is the use of music in campaigns as a marketing tool.  Presidential candidates have used a variety of song types through the years, but the goal is always the same: to use the song as an advertisement in a way that catches the popular mind and, hopefully, connect with the candidate's message.  The purpose of this site is to explore which songs candidates have chosen for their campaigns, and to analyze how effectively the message of the song matches the political message of the candidate.  Furthermore, this study seeks to find out if there is a divide in the messages of songs along party lines since each party has a distinct message.

This site does not seek to be the definitive source of analysis of campaign songs and their use.  Rather this seeks to present certain trends that show up in the lyrics of the chosen song to explore how songs connect to a candidate across party and personal lines.  Hopefully this small study will spur further, deeper analysis of a captivating aspect of American Presidential politics.